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作品名は「おかえりなさい Welcome back」F3号キャンバス 約27.5×22㎝ ミクストメディア 額装サイズ約42×37㎝ 前面ガラス入り。











Nice to meet you. My name is Hiroyuki Suzuki. 
This work is a self-confidence work completed over 3 months.
Oil painting production carefully draws colors tens of times, so it takes a huge amount of time.
Oil paintings will remain even after I died. It draws it to become a work entered with soul without any compromise. 
Although it is a small work, it became a good work that can be called a masterpiece work.        
The name of the work is "Welcome back" F3 canvas about 27.5 × 22 cm. Frame size approx. 42 × 37 cm Front glass in.


「おかえりなさい」Welcome back 油彩、アクリル

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